Deborah Oster Pannell

Deborah Oster Pannell

Founder, Project Mavens

Freelance writer, editor and content developer w/ experience in branding, marketing, the arts, publishing, event production/tech, hospitality, music, telecom, entrepreneurship, health and wellness.

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Open uri20130123 20927 1bg2tvu article

Sustainability Made Sexy in NYC | eventwist

The ISES NYC Sustainability Summit was a stylish, educational and inspiring event, bringing home the point that the time for sustainability is now!

Open uri20130123 20927 izmja0 article

A Week of Art in NYC - From the Macro to the Micro | eventwist

The Armory Show at Piers 92/94 and The Shift: Art & Spirit at the Knox Gallery mark the ends of the spectrum of art events in New York City.

Open uri20130123 31221 1u72g1n article

Harlem Comes to Helen Mills and Keeps it Reel | eventwist

July's exclusive venue showcase event at the Helen Mills Event Space and Theater brought together talent from Reel Review and Art in FLUX Harlem for an extraordinary evening.

Open uri20130123 31221 1sxkgoj article

Inspiration for planning an event - where do you get yours? | eventwist

Planners often find the most inspiration when they allow themselves to have fun or bring a personal element to their events.

Open uri20130123 31221 pr4mjv article

Just a Little Taste - Art in Flux Harlem Launches in Style | eventwist

Art in Flux Harlem launches its new Harlem pop-up gallery series in high style.

Open uri20130123 31221 a34rau article

Morrison Hotel Gallery Loft - Music History & Soho Style | eventwist

The most recent eventwist venue showcase was held at the Morrison Hotel Gallery Loft in Soho, NYC.

Open uri20130123 31221 1r6gz3m article

Planner Profile: Christine Upton – Foundation Events - Eventwist

A profile of event architect Christine Upton, former planner for the eventwist: Insider exclusive venue showcase series

Open uri20130123 31221 1eb59hv article

Reel Review and eventwist at The Monkey NYC | eventwist

In the latest exclusive venue showcase, Reel Review and eventwist join forces for an events and entertainment industry mixer at The Monkey NYC.

Open uri20130123 29626 1lcfu2u article

Still Standing After Sandy! | eventwist

New Yorkers are rising to the occasion in the wake of Hurricane Sandy...

Open uri20130123 29626 1hwb23h article

Ten Things NOT To Do at a Corporate Event You Have Produced ...

There are certain things you just learn NOT to do at an event you have produced.

Open uri20130123 20927 v77tbf article

Understated class at EZ Studios - ripe with possibility | eventwist

The latest exclusive eventwist venue showcase event at EZ Studios was a smashing success!