Deborah Oster Pannell

Deborah Oster Pannell

Founder, Project Mavens

Freelance writer, editor and content developer w/ experience in branding, marketing, the arts, publishing, event production/tech, hospitality, music, telecom, entrepreneurship, health and wellness.

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Liz King Events

Liz King Events Personal and Business Branding… Yes, Again |

Have you noticed that more and more people are now creating their own businesses? It’s not surprising, what with the virtual collapse of our economic system as we know it. Don’t worry, I’m not going t...

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Liz King Events

Liz King Events Event Planning and Production – Lessons From Holistic Health Care by @ProjectMaven |

Before I got into the event production world, I spent nearly two decades working in the field of acupuncture. As manager of a Chinese medical office, I had an extended opportunity to hone my skills in...