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Deborah Oster Pannell

Founder, Project Mavens

Freelance writer, editor and content developer w/ experience in branding, marketing, the arts, publishing, event production/tech, hospitality, music, telecom, entrepreneurship, health and wellness.

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Who is Elizabeth Streb, and why is she flinging bodies all over the ...

I visited renowned choreographer (aka action architect) Elizabeth Streb earlier this week at S.L.A.M. (Streb Lab for Action Mechanics), her Williamsburg, Brooklyn rehearsal, performance and open co...

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My Son, the Talent Scout

Last weekend marked a seminal occasion. It was my son’s first rock concert. I think eight is a good age to be inducted into the world of live rock music – your energy is off the chart, you have this u...

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Deb Margolin's new solo piece about Anita Hill inspires troubling ...

Last night, after seeing Deb Margolin‘s new one-woman show called, “Good Morning Anita Hill… ” at the All For One Theater Festival at Theatre 80 St. Marks, I had a disturbin...

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Deb Margolin inpires me AGAIN! | Nothing Original Here

Can I tell you something? Every time I write something, I have this fear. I have this fear that it will be the last thing that I ever write. I am afraid that I will run out of ideas. Or, that my id...

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Holy shit, I'm a single mom! | Nothing Original Here

What? Was I not paying attention? Do you have any idea how not ready I am for this? So of COURSE I’m blogging. What the hell do you expect? You would be, too, if you were in my position. My l...

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I Lost My Voice | Nothing Original Here

I lost my voice. A cold moved into my chest, and I lost my voice. I wonder at the timing and the symbolism. Am I sad, overwhelmed? A bit confused as to what should be  my next steps? Yes, a bit. Do...

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Keeping Our Kids Sweet Without All the Sweets! | Nothing Original ...

On the heels of this evening’s story on 60 Minutes about the toxicity of sugar, I thought it would be fitting to reprint this story I recently wrote for my son’s elementary school magaz...

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The Sweet Double Life of a Widow | Nothing Original Here

We move on. We must. Our partners would want us to keep living, loving, enjoying all that life has to offer. Some of us are mothers. Our kids need us. Some of us get new partners. We have new relat...