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Freelance writer, editor and content developer w/ experience in branding, marketing, the arts, publishing, event production/tech, hospitality, music, telecom, entrepreneurship, health and wellness.

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Jonas falk pic article
Under 30 CEO

Interview: Jonas Falk's OrganicLife is Revolutionizing School Lunches

Jonas Falk is an accidental activist. As a businessman with a vision to provide cost effective, nutritious, restaurant quality lunches to schoolkids, he has created a company capable of serving the needs and desires of many concerned parents and health conscious individuals.  Falk is the founder and CEO of the Chicago based company, OrganicLife, currently…

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Under 30 CEO

Caroline Ghosn and the Levo League - Move Over Old Boys Network!

Traditionally, women seeking success in the business world have been up against different sorts of challenges than their male counterparts. Operating outside the benefits of the “old boys network” and subject to different expectations regarding likeability and domestic responsibilities, women professionals have often had to forge ahead largely on their own, without any major support.…

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Under 30 CEO

Interview: Shama Kabani and the Timely Success of the Marketing ...

When Shama Kabani graduated with a Masters degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008, Facebook’s popularity was just coming up on that of MySpace, and Twitter was still the new kid on the block. Social media was a nascent field, ripe for someone with her intelligence and drive to…

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Under 30 CEO

Interview: Liz King Events Takes a Risk for Success - Under30CEO

In keeping with the theme of my last interview with In Good Company’s Adelaide Lancaster, as well as one I did a little while back with Killstress Design’s Minglie Chen, I’m profiling another small business founder - friend and colleague, Liz King. Liz’s NYC based event planning company, Liz King Events, focuses on technology integrated…

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Under 30 CEO

Slava Rubin and Indiegogo - “Go Fund Yourself”

“Indiegogo is the world’s funding platform, where anybody can raise money for absolutely any idea,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Slava Rubin. This vision of democratizing the fundraising process is what drives indiegogo, one of the earliest and most well known leaders in what has become a very active field of crowd sourced funders on the…

Adelaidelancaster pic article
Under 30 CEO

Interview: Adelaide Lancaster Supports Women Entrepreneurs with ...

I recently had an opportunity to chat with Adelaide Lancaster, co-founder of In Good Company, “a first of its kind community, business learning center, and coworking space for women entrepreneurs located in Manhattan.” When we think about entrepreneurship, we often imagine tech startups, hitting the ground running with angel funding or VC investment, then scaling…

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Under 30 CEO

Interview: Alison Johnston and InstaEDU - Tutoring on Demand

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alison Johnston, the CEO and co-founder of InstaEDU, an innovative, online tutoring on demand service she founded a couple years ago with her brother, Dan and their Stanford classmate, Joey Shurtleff.  Alison and Dan had previously operated an in-house SoCal tutoring service called Cardinal Scholars, where they…

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Under 30 CEO

Interview: Britta Riley and Window Farms - It's All About Resilience

Let’s say you live in an apartment, and let’s say you really wish you could grow your own vegetables and herbs. Well, in the best tradition of using entrepreneurship to meet a big need, Windowfarms founder and CEO, Britta Riley has invented a small scale hydroponic gardening system specifically designed for urban dwellers to hang…

Open uri20130305 7375 a4tohg article
Under 30 CEO

Interview: Jessica Scorpio and Getaround are Changing How We ...

Getaround is a marketplace for peer to peer car sharing - think Airbnb on wheels! The idea is simple. Car owners can share their cars when they’re not using them, and renters can get access to anything from a Tesla roadster to a Prius. There are no membership fees, and the entire process is smart…

Noa santos pic article
Under 30 CEO

Interview: Noa Santos and HomePolish are Making Interior Design ...

Every so often, I interview someone from a company that’s still in the early stages of development, but has created a truly unique business with enormous potential. Such is the case with Noa Santos, the co-founder and CEO of HomePolish. Together with company president Will Nathan, Santos has created a full service interior design firm…

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Under 30 CEO

Interview: Tiffany Tabar and UpSpring PR Focus on Design

  Tiffany Tabar is the CEO and co-founder of UpSpring PR, a boutique public relations firm specializing in architecture, interior design and product manufacturing. She and her co-founder, Sarah Nelkin, the company's President, have built a strong niche in the hospitality, residential and commercial design markets, precisely by targeting clients working in these areas, such…

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Under 30 CEO

Joe Coleman of Contently – Content Matchmaking at its Best

Once upon a time, in 2010, Joe Coleman was living in Las Vegas, looking for a way to develop quality content for PR and marketing for his successful internet company, CashCrate. He contacted his longtime friend Shane Snow, a Columbia School of Journalism grad who was writing for Wired magazine, living smack in the middle…

Stringio article
Under 30 CEO

Nine Lessons I've Learned From Interviewing Young Entrepreneurs

For the last year, I’ve had the honor of authoring the young entrepreneur interview series here at During that time, I’ve spoken to over 40 of the most talented, passionate, innovative and hardworking individuals I’ve ever met. In addition to being consistently inspired, educated and entertained by their stories, I’ve been given a unique…

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Under 30 CEO

Tze Chun and Uprise Art - Bringing Art Into People's Lives

Buying art on the internet is not a new concept, but Tze Chun has brought something fresh and unique to the scene with her online art gallery, Uprise Art. The mission of the company is to make the process of collecting art easier, more enjoyable and more affordable. At their website, you can currently view…